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Ultimate Skincare Tips for Oily Skin

Ultimate Skincare Tips for Oily Skin

Why is my skin so oily?

Your actual skin type - oily, dry or combination - is mainly determined by genetics. The combination of a naturally oily complexion, plus skin that is stressed through being constantly stripped of its natural oils, however gently, can turn a slightly shiny face into an oil slick. You can’t change your genetic makeup, but you can calm and sooth your skin to a considerable extent, so that it doesn’t over-produce oil.

I feel as if I’ve tried everything - why isn’t any of it working for me?

When our skin reacts in a way we don’t like, we tend to treat it as if it’s misbehaving. What it’s actually doing is telling us where we’re going wrong. 

The temptation with oily skin is to avoid anything oily or greasy and to lean towards products that remove or soak up the oil and unclog pores. It makes sense on paper, but it’s not always what your skin is asking for.

It’s no accident that your skin is working hard to produce the protective sebum you see on your face - your skin is defending itself against a perceived threat in its immediate environment. We can often change that reaction by using products that are in harmony with the real needs of oily skin.

It’s a myth that oily skin is tough. It could be that you are sensitive to the preservatives or synthetic ingredients in most mainstream products, or that your current products have stripped away the skin’s natural barrier and not allowed it to fully return. You could be over-cleansing the skin or, alternatively, your pores could be clogged from using an ineffective cleanser. It could even be an ingredient in your primer or make-up that’s causing the problem. 

While it’s sometimes difficult and time-consuming to pinpoint the cause, a simpler solution is to remove all potential irritants and work with the skin’s natural processes. This is often the point that skin-issue sufferers switch to organic, plant-based and nurturing products and begin to notice a difference in their oil and acne levels.

Is the answer to my skin problem really more oil?

Whether your issue is clogged pores leading to acne, or visibly greasy skin despite careful cleansing, you may be surprised to learn that your secret weapon could actually be more oil!

Oily skin produces more sebum, which is the protective oil that keeps our skin supple. It’s an important part of the skin’s natural, protective barrier and your skin will often react if it is disturbed.

The right type of oil will gently loosen and dissolve make-up and unclog pores, without stripping the skin’s essential barrier. Undisturbed, irritant-free and properly cleansed, the skin no longer needs to produce excess oil to protect itself and over time produces less sebum and re-balances itself.

How long will it take for my skin to adjust to a low-irritant, organic product?

Some complexions take a few days to calm down; for others it can be several weeks or even months. But you are never damaging or stripping your skin by using high quality botanical oil products that are aligned with your skin’s needs. It’s always a nourishing experience for your skin, which helps it to function in a healthy and balanced way.

I don’t want to put oil on my face, in case it clogs my pores and causes acne!

If you have clogged pores or acne as a result of oily skin, try to resist the temptation to dry out spotty areas once you are using botanical oils. Instead, let the oil remove impurities from your skin and allow your skin to be soothed and healed over time and you may find that it stops producing a new pimple every other day, as it begins to re-build its protective natural barrier.

Any final tips for oily skin?

Try treating your oily skin as if it’s the most delicate, sensitive, fragile skin there is. Just because people appear tough on the outside, it doesn’t always mean that they are. I firmly believe the same philosophy applies to skin. Cut out animal ingredients, preservatives, fake perfumes, synthetics and cheap ingredients from your skincare routine, treat your skin with specialist products and consistent love and care and it will soon start glowing with health, rather than shining with excess oil.

What can EarthZest products do for my oily skin?  

All EarthZest products are formulated to support the skin’s natural defences, with 100% organic and plant-based ingredients and no artificial, synthetic or paraben-based ingredients to cause irritation. 

Our Normal/Oily/Combination range is specially formulated to meet the needs of excessively oily skin. These products won’t block pores or strip the skin’s protective barrier and they’re also designed to heal and sooth stressed-out complexions, allowing a return to their natural, rested state.

Try cutting out conventional products and switching to our Daily Skincare Kit or Ultimate Daily Skincare Kit for Normal/Oily/Combination Skin. Use discount code RESTORE15 and save 15% on any of our Normal/Oily/Combination range, plus FREE UK delivery, before the end of June 2019.

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