Formulated to re-balance sensitive skin.   100% organic, natural and certified vegan.

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How to Choose & Use Beard Oil

How to Choose & Use Beard Oil 0

Beard oil is a hydrating and smoothing lubricant for both beard hair and the skin below. It helps hydrate the skin and smooth the beard, keeping it healthy-looking and well groomed.

Many men think they don’t need to use facial products, or believe they will look over-styled. However, outdoor activities such as cycling and running can dry the skin, while city life exposes the face to a daily soup of pollution and toxic micro-particles. Organic skincare naturally supports the skin’s existing defences, minimising dryness and irritation, while promoting healthy skin.

Whether a man’s style is clean-cut, alternative or active, if he has a beard or stubble, he will benefit from using a beard oil.

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Winter Skincare Starts from Halloween

Winter Skincare Starts from Halloween 0

When should you switch from your summer to winter skincare regime? Why is it important to treat your skin differently in the colder weather? What has your skincare got to do with Halloween?

While we may think of Halloween as a holiday for children or horror fans, it’s actually an ancient festival celebrating the birth of a new year. Our ancestors believed that a new year began after the summer ended and they would enact rituals to scare away spirits that might bring bad luck to the start of the fresh year. While we may not be worried about warding off ghosts and spirits today, we do need to be aware of the change in seasons and how this affects our well-being and our skin. Halloween time is the ideal point at which to remember to make the transition from your summer to winter skincare routine.

  • Ajay Karan Sharma
Can Sensitive Skincare Give Dramatic Results?

Can Sensitive Skincare Give Dramatic Results? 0

Sometimes your sensitive skin just doesn’t want to cooperate, no matter what you try. Many sensitive skin sufferers avoid changing their skincare regime in case it triggers a reaction, but what if there is a better regime for your skin? Is it possible to get better skin within a week or two, or even a few days, by drastically changing your skincare regime?
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Treat your feet to keep them sweet

Treat your feet to keep them sweet 0

You may have seen a lot of your feet lately – walking barefoot in the garden, paddling in the sea or wearing your favourite strappy sandals. As the nights draw in, it’s time for your feet to retreat to seasonal boots and cosy socks. But does this mean that you can forget about them entirely? Here are some great reasons to treat your feet this Autumn and Winter.
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Safe Cosmetics for Hypersensitive Skin

Safe Cosmetics for Hypersensitive Skin 0

Does your skin react badly to many different products? Does almost every single mainstream product you try cause your skin to break out or itch? If you can’t pinpoint a single type of ingredient that’s causing the problem, then it could be that you simply have hypersensitive skin.

Hypersensitive skin cannot tolerate certain ingredients in skincare, yet it requires moisture and care just as much, if not more, than other types of skin. However, there’s no need to miss out on essential skincare if your skin is deeply sensitive.

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Organic Vegan Skincare for Acne, Psoriasis & Eczema

Organic Vegan Skincare for Acne, Psoriasis & Eczema 0

Cruelty-free and vegan formulas are more fashionable than ever, thanks to ethical beauty fans. But could cutting out animal ingredients and preservatives in your existing skincare, help free you from flare-ups and breakouts for good? 
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