What is so different about Earthzest products?

Words like "organic", "pure" and "natural" are very often used to describe skincare products which, in our opinion, are the complete opposite. We believe that it's wrong to mislead potential customers in to buying products which are often a very long way from being truly organic, pure and natural.  

Although there is a loose legal definition of the word "organic" in the skincare industry, it is permissible to use it to describe products which only contain a very small proportion of organic ingredients and are made of mainly water and synthetic chemicals.  And words like "pure" and "natural" have NO legal definition at all and can be used to give the impression of a product's purity, when it may in fact be 100% synthetic!

So our products are different because we fill a gap in the market for genuinely natural and extremely organic skincare solutions which are as pure and organic as they can possibly be.  When we created the range, we didn't know that we weren't allowed to call products containing unrefined salts and clays "organic" but the EU have now clarified that because these ingredients occur naturally in the Earth (and are not the result of EU-controlled farming methods), we can't call these ingredients 100% Organic. We decided to keep using salts and clays because they allow us to offer face masks, body scrubs and bath salts which are very popular with our customers - which means that now we can't state that our entire range is 100% Organic. However, apart from our Green Clay Face Mask, Citrus Hand & Body Scrub and Luxury Rose Bath Salts (which all contain salts or clays), our entire range is 100% Organic and this is highly unusual in the skincare industry. 

In addition, we never add water to any of our products and water is the main ingredient in just about every skincare product on the market, including the organic ones.  So check the labels of the products you are currently using and we can almost guarantee that you will see water (or aqua) right at the top?  This means that water is the main ingredient and you are therefore paying for something that is highly diluted and much less effective than our highly concentrated formulations.  For this reason, our prices are SO much lower than other products that may, at first glance, appear cheaper and this is because we never dilute our products with water (or other cheap fillers) to increase our profit margins.

And we take things even further as we don't use organic ingredients that have been (in our opinion) over-processed.  For example, we love coconut and recognise that it's a very popular ingredient at the moment.  However, we won't use fractionated coconut as other organic brands do, because this kind of coconut has been deodorised and refined and it's chemical composition has been changed.  We do not believe that fractionated coconut is good enough for our products and we only use raw, virgin, undeodorised coconut, even though it is semi-solid in its natural state and is therefore only suitable for moisturising balms.  We currently use it in our Hair Repair Balm which smells amazing and is bursting with hair and skin benefits, which is why this product also doubles up as an excellent face and body moisturiser.

There are so many other reasons why our products are different and (in our opinion) better than anything else on the market but these are the main ones, which we hope will be more than enough to tempt you to try them and experience the difference for yourself!

How long do your products last?

As a general guide, we say that our products will last for a year, but if they are kept in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight they will last even longer. We believe that because our products are so effective, you will be using them on a daily basis and so shelf life will not be an issue! All our products are highly concentrated, so we advise that you use them sparingly as a little goes a very long way.

Are travel and sample sizes available?

We will be introducing these shortly.  Please sign up for our Newsletter and we will let you know as soon as they are available.  In the meantime, if there is something in particular that you would like to try, please contact us at enquiries@earthzest.co.uk and we will send you a quote for a small, handmade sample (to cover our costs).

I haven’t received my order?

Orders are freshly made, usually to order, and then dispatched by Courier for the UK or by Royal Mail, Air Mail service for EEC countries. UK orders should be with you within 5 days. Please allow up to 7 days before contacting us, if possible and notify us of any problems within 10 days.   EU orders may take longer so please bear this in mind.

How much is P&P?

Our P&P charges include free gift packaging with tissue paper, recycled crinkle-cut shredded paper and real rose petals as you open the box.  Remove this to reach the contents inside and you'll find lovely organza gift bags with Earthzest tags (or cotton, draw-string bags if you ordered a gift set), plus information sheets for every product that you've ordered.  

There is no P&P charge for UK orders over £30.  UK orders under £30 cost £3 and will be sent by courier (or Royal Mail if courier service is unavailable).

There is no P&P charge for EEC orders over £80.  EEC orders under £80 cost £5 and will be sent via Royal Mail, Air Mail service.

Orders to the rest of the world cost £10 and will be sent via Air Mail.

If you need your order urgently, please contact us at enquiries@earthzest.co.uk or phone us on 01702 351240 and we will obtain a quote and arrange next working day delivery wherever possible.

Is your website safe?

Yes. We use Paypal to process your payments and it is one of the most secure methods of payment in the world. Safeguarding your financial and personal information is our top priority. Paypal encrypts all sensitive information that we receive, so we do not receive your payment details.

In addition, we promise to protect you by never selling our contact list to any third parties.

I live outside the UK – how much do your products cost in my own currency?

Due to currency fluctuations, it is impossible for us to give you an answer but you can check what our products will cost in your own currency at www.xe.com/currencyconverter/. This is free to use and the Sterling cost of our products will automatically be converted into your own currency and updated on an hourly basis. Please bear in mind that your bank may add on its own charges for any transactions and we advise you to check with them before putting your order through.

Why isn't your entire range 100% Organic?

As partly explained above, the term "organic" can only be applied to ingredients that have been farmed and produced under a specific set of strict EU regulations. It does not apply to ingredients that occur naturally in the Earth, such as salts and clays.

Although our original goal was to create only 100% Organic products, we’ve now added 100% Natural face masks, scrubs and bath salts, to complete our range. Although we cannot call these products “organic” (because they contain salts and clays that occur naturally in the Earth), they are 100% Natural (in the real sense of the word!) and contain NO synthetics whatsoever.

The problem with the word “Natural” in the skincare industry is that it has no legal definition and is very often used to make a product appear purer than it really is. And unless a product is labelled 100% Organic, the ingredients on the label need to be carefully checked because it's legal to call a product "Organic" if it contains only a small percentage of organic ingredients!  The vast majority of Natural and Organic skincare products on the market contain synthetic chemicals and high levels of water/aqua, which is a cheap way to dilute a product and drastically increase profit margins.

At Earthzest, we believe that “natural” should mean truly Natural! We never add water or synthetics and every ingredient we use is clearly listed on our website and on the packaging of our products. We hand-blend the highest quality, most concentrated formulations and go that extra mile to guarantee the purest and most effective 100% Organic (or 100% Natural, if the product contains salts or clays) products available anywhere.

Why aren't you certified with the Soil Association?

One of the reasons we set up Earthzest Organics was to provide a genuine, cruelty-free alternative to mainstream products which are still tested on animals in many cases, despite misleading assurances to the contrary. In March 2015, we became certified by The Vegan Society and proudly guarantee that all our products are 100% Vegan, meaning that none of our ingredients have been tested on animals, or contain any animal derivatives.

The other reason we set up Earthzest Organics is to provide a genuinely organic alternative to mainstream products, which are predominantly water and synthetics and are therefore (in our opinion) over-priced, ineffective and often contain harmful ingredients. We only use pure, organic ingredients wherever they are available and every single one of our ingredients is 100% organic (with the exception of our natural salts and clays which cannot legally be labelled “organic” as they occur naturally in the Earth and are not the result of EU-controlled farming methods). However, we guarantee that we never add water or any synthetics to our products and we promise that this will never change.

We are Vegan Society-accredited because this assures our customers that our products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. However, despite public perception to the contrary, Soil Association certification does not guarantee that a product is 100% organic. 100% organic products such as ours are expensive to produce, because organic ingredients cost so much more than their non-organic counterparts. We could spend less on ingredients by using a percentage of non-organic ingredients and still become certified by the Soil Association, but this is something that we will not do.