Stop Air Pollution Ageing Your Skin this Winter

Stop Air Pollution Ageing Your Skin this Winter

You may have used sunscreen all summer, but is your skin safe from the extra air pollution of winter? After sun exposure and smoking, fumes and dust from the atmosphere are a contributing factor to dullness, fine lines and distressed skin. Even if you use sunscreen and don’t smoke, you could still be leaving your skin open to ageing pollutants and toxins.

Fortunately nature has given our skin a natural barrier, to help protect us against harsh chemicals, heavy metals and most damaging of all, the tiniest pollution particles that invisibly bombard and penetrate the skin.

Eat your antioxidants

While antioxidant rich foods are good for your heart and help to prevent some forms of cancer too, they are also an essential part of maintaining healthy skin. Antioxidants protect your skin from several types of damage, including pollution. There are many types of antioxidants found in foods, so eating a range of fruits, vegetables and nuts every day will ensure you are getting a healthy range. They are also found in dark chocolate!

Respect your natural defences

Using artificial chemicals, an excess of hot water, rough flannels and harsh exfoliating products can strip away the skin’s natural barrier. Cleanse your skin gently, and use products that work with your skin’s natural defences.

Using a moisturising cleanser to remove makeup and pollution is gentler to skin than dragging a chemical-infused makeup wipe over it. The contemporary way to clean the skin is to remove layers of product with a loosening botanical oil-based cleanser, gently wiping the residue away and nourishing your face at the same time. This is very different to the old fashioned feeling of splashing hot water onto the face, or rubbing it with a wipe or cloth and it can take some getting used to. However, skin will often appear more rested, glowing and less irritated within a few days of starting a gentler cleansing routine.

Give your skin a head start

If you could see the pollutants bombarding your skin, would you give it extra synthetic chemicals to deal with too? Of course not – but that’s essentially what you’re doing, if you are using a commercial product from a regular beauty brand. Nearly all commercially available moisturisers and serums contain parabens, mineral oil, artificial preservatives, fragrances and colours so be sure to check your skincare labels and take control of what you're putting on your skin- and in to your body.

If you start with a moisturising base that only includes natural botanical ingredients that complement your skin, then you are beginning from zero, as far as pollutants and chemicals are concerned. Your skin is an amazing part of you and what it needs most is calming, nourishing products that allow it to naturally shield itself from the invisible hazards of modern life. Organic botanical oils, essential oils and unperfumed and uncoloured products are far less likely to add to the chemical load that your skin already has to deal with every day.

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Have you managed to improve your skin with a change of routine? We’d love to hear from you. Please join in our conversation in the comments below.

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