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How To Take Care Of Your Skin When You're Pregnant

How To Take Care Of Your Skin When You're Pregnant

Has being pregnant changed your skin? It’s perfectly normal to notice a change in your skin during pregnancy; pregnancy is all about change! For your hormones, for your sleeping habits, for your ability to fit into your jeans... and also for your complexion.

During pregnancy your body will be awash with an extra supply of hormones and this can reflect in your skin and hair. Many women report that their hair feels fuller and healthier during pregnancy and others may notice that their skin has a ‘healthy glow’.

Unfortunately, a change in hormone balance can also leave the skin feeling dry, sensitive or prone to breakouts of acne or hyper-pigmentation, not to mention stretch marks! If this happens you can help to re-balance your skin by adapting your skin care regime.

You’re never able to predict how pregnancy will affect your skin. Sometimes you get a natural glow due to increased blood circulation. Hormones also increase sebum in the skin, which can range from giving you a glow to excessive oiliness leading to acne breakouts. If you already suffer from spots or acne, you may find that it worsens during pregnancy. Likewise, skin can go to the other end of the scale and become very dry and flaky.

Our True You Cleanser for normal/oily/combination skin is the perfect solution for your skin care regime. Stop blaming your spotty complexion on your cravings and start using a cleanser that actually works! Whilst a diet rich in fatty, greasy foods can contribute to breakouts, the more likely culprit is your skin’s sebaceous glands which go into overdrive during pregnancy. This can result in excessive sebum (which is the natural oil that our skin produces) clogging pores and attracting bacteria that causes acne. Our organic facial cleanser can counteract this by effectively removing deep-down dirt, pollutants and make-up (including waterproof mascara) without blocking the skin. And if you follow with our Teazing Toner and Blooming Amazing Serum, you’ll be giving your skin everything it needs to look and feel amazing!

What stretch marks? This preventative stretch mark oil is the holy grail for keeping stretch marks at bay and improves skin's elasticity and recovery after birth… Our best tip? Don’t just use it on your bump - use it from your neck down as stretch marks can appear anywhere on your body as your skin adjusts to having a baby on board!

Our organic, vegan skincare products are perfect for helping you glow! As our mother & baby products contain essential oils, by law we have to advise using them after the first 3 months of pregnancy. But if you can’t wait to start using skin care products that actually work and would prefer to order them without the essential oils, please just let us know in the Comments section as you check-out and we'll be very happy to make them for you!
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