Formulated to re-balance sensitive skin.   100% organic, natural and certified vegan.

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Media & Reviews

Earthzest Organics was launched on a very small budget in February 2014 and we've been fortunate to get a lot of press interest without having to pay the usual hefty advertising fees!  

Our highlight so far is appearing in the Daily Express on Christmas Eve 2016 - and meeting the lovely Ricky Tomlinson.....

On 12th April 2017, we were featured in (which is a huge online ski-shop with over 16,000 Facebook followers). They loved our Frankincense Anti-Ageing Balm (we've since changed the product name from "Aging" to "Ageing" to reflect the correct UK spelling!).

In September 2016, our collaboration with Master Barber, Kevin Vorley, the Proprietor of K-Barbers Emporium in Essex was covered by The Leigh Times (we make his 100% organic Citrus Beard Oil which is currently on sale in his shop but will soon be available on his website as well.  He also sells 4 of our own-label best-selling products):

We ran a 3-month national advertising campaign in Health & Fitness Magazine from Feb-April 2016, to promote our best-selling Frankincense Anti-Aging Balm (we've since improved the product label and are in the process of doing the same for our entire range).




Top actor and comedian Ricky Tomlinson LOVES our best-selling Frankincense Anti-Aging Balm (and small furry animals)! Here he is with Earthzest founder, Jackie Callow, after his show in Seaton, Cumbria in February 2016!  The product label has now been changed but our Award-winning formulation is exactly the same.


In September 2015, we held an Earthzest Pamper Party at a coffee shop in Westcliff, Essex and 2 undercover beauty bloggers came along and surprised us with this great review!


We ran a successful full-page ad in the Summer 2015 edition of Spa Elemental Magazine and they also featured our Frankincense Anti-Aging Balm in their It List and Best Wellbeing Products articles:



Our Moisturising Serum for Dry & Mature Skin was also listed in their top facial serums guide (check out this product here: Serum for Dry & Mature Skin



On 3rd July 2015, our Frankincense Anti-Aging Balm won a Bronze Award at the prestigious Love Natural Love Organic Show at Olympia in London.  The international Free From Skincare Awards were co-presented by Janey-Lee Grace and our Earthzest Spokes-model, Victoria Eisermann, travelled up from Surrey to join us. It was an amazing achievement, considering that we'd only been trading for just over a year!

Here's what the Judges had to say about our Frankincense Anti-Aging Balm: 

“Absorbs really well, and quickly. Make-up sat very well on top - it helped to stop foundation looking patchy over dry skin - felt like it rejuvenated skin with each application. Skin has felt healthier and looked brighter. Really helped with dry patches. Great product”

Click here to listen to our in-depth chat with Phoenix FM radio presenter, Victoria Eisermann, in May 2015 about the skincare industry and why Earthzest products are so different to other brands:

Click here for Victoria Eisermann's  May 2015 article in a regional wedding magazine, where she mentions our products:


In April 2015, Jackie Callow was interviewed about her 5 Favourite Things for Essex Life Magazine (click on the link below to view the article online which was also published in the actual magazine):


Here Victoria Eisermann endorses us in her interview with international shoe company, Dune in March 2015:


Click here for Jackie Callow's interview at VegFest Brighton in March 2015:

In December 2014, Inside Kent Magazine ran a full-page feature about us:


In November 2014, we were featured in national magazine, Vegetarian Living:


In November 2014, we ran a free give-away competition in Inside Kent Magazine:



Our Citrus Hand & Body Scrub was featured in the Autumn/Winter 2014 edition of Spa Elemental magazine.  You can check it out here: Hand & Body scrub


And our Argan & Coconut Hair Conditioning Balm (now re-named Hair Repair Balm) was included in their Nourishing Hair, Head and Scalp Products feature:
Hair Repair Balm


In October 2014, we contacted Victoria Eisermann, a celebrity vegan campaigner and writer, and asked her to try some of our products and let us know what she thought. We were delighted when she told us that she loved them and wanted to be our official spokesmodel and celebrity blogger!

Here she is, endorsing our range:

Victoria is the founder of The K-9 Angels, a not-for-profit charity that works tirelessly to save stray dogs in Romania by rescuing them and finding new homes and also by funding ongoing spaying programmes:

You can support The K-9 Angels when you place an order and enter ANGELS15 discount code at checkout.  You will see a 1p reduction in the total amount of your order when you enter this code and we will then donate 15% of your total order to The K-9 Angels and send you a confirmation email when this has been done (please allow 7 days for us to do this - thank you).

Read about Victoria's summer skin routine here:

Here are a few of our mentions in Victoria's many newspaper and magazine interviews:

Spa Elemental Magazine (she mentions us in the final paragraph where she is asked which beauty product she would choose if she was stranded on a desert island.  She chose our Flower Power Balm which has recently been re-named Rescue Balm for Ultra-Sensitive Skin.  Although the label has changed, the formulation is exactly the same).

Rescue Balm for Ultra-Sensitive Skin

Check out one of Victoria's press releases here: Click Here

She mentions us again in Vegan Living Magazine.  Here's the entire article:

And we've zoomed in here.....


Earthzest's Jackie Callow was featured on the cover of Anglia Life Magazine in October 2014:



In the late summer, of 2014, Earthzest Organics was introduced to the press and media for the first time and below are a few links to what these independent sources had to say. 

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Jackie Callow talks to Disrupts Magazine about the origins of the company in early 2014: