Luxury Rose Bath Salts

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A relaxing and therapeutic blend of health-promoting mineral salts and essential oils to nourish your skin and soothe your mind.  We've also added real rose petals for a touch of luxury!

* Now includes a FREE wooden mini-scoop *

Refined salt is toxic to your body and ordinary sea salts are lacking in vital minerals and trace elements, but our Luxury Rose Bath Salts are completely different!  They are made with Epsom Salt and the highest quality Unrefined Celtic Sea Salt, both of which are full of health-promoting minerals and trace elements that the body needs.

100% Natural*   Handmade.  NO synthetics.


* All our ingredients are organic, with the exception of our pure salts and clays which cannot legally be called organic because they occur naturally in the Earth and are not the result of EU-controlled agricultural farming methods.  This is the only reason why our entire range is not 100% organic.

  • Epsom Salt is a naturally occurring, pure mineral compound in crystal form that dissolves in the bath to replenish your body’s magnesium levels. A relaxing soak in Epsom salt helps to relieve stress and leaves you feeling rejuvenated. It helps heal cuts and blemishes, draws toxins from the body and improves circulation.
  • Unrefined Celtic Sea Salt is gently exfoliating and contains at least 75 minerals and trace elements that the body needs, including high levels of Magnesium which most of us are lacking. Unrefined Celtic Sea Salt is incredibly high in therapeutic properties and these are absorbed in to your skin while you soak in the bath. It is naturally moist and light grey in colour because it has been hand-harvested and dried in the sun, with nothing added and nothing taken away.
  • Organic Rose Geranium Essential Oil is naturally antiseptic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal with a wonderful rose aroma.  It lifts the spirits, releases tension and tiredness and re-balances the nervous system.
  • Organic Sweet Orange Essential stimulates the production of collagen, reduces puffiness and promotes a natural, healthy radiance. 
  • Real Red Rose Petals - bio-degradeable with a beautiful, natural fragrance.  Small enough to go down the plug-hole without blocking your bath! No synthetic dyes, fragrances or any chemicals.

      For a self-indulgent, luxury spa experience, light some candles, add a scoop of bath salts while the bath is running and swirl the water. Then lay back, relax and let the high grade ingredients get to work on your mind and body!

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