What We Don't Do

Other brands claim that their products are natural, even if the ingredients have been heavily processed, mixed with harsh solvents and stripped of their original properties.  We believe these ingredients are no longer natural and we won’t use them.  Many of the synthetic substances that are commonly used to make a product look, feel or smell better can be harmful to our skin and body, yet they are legally permitted – did you know that a product can be certified “Organic”, even if it’s not 100% organic and contains synthetic chemicals?

To find out the truth about the products you are currently using, check out the full list of ingredients on the labels (not just the “key” or “active” ingredients which are often listed separately) and see how many are organic. Organic ingredients are expensive and most companies add cheap fillers including water - which often contains chemicals such as chlorine and necessitates the need for preservatives.  Ingredients are listed in order of highest concentration first, so if you see water (or Aqua) near the top of the label, you know that the product you are using is highly diluted.

Adding harsh preservatives significantly lengthens shelf life but there is a price to pay in terms of the chemicals they contain.  Earthzest products are pure and natural – in the real sense of the word – and if they are kept in a cool, dark place they will last for a year or more, although we think they will be long gone by then!

Even those with non-sensitive skin will know that conventional skincare products usually stop working sooner or later and this is often because they contain synthetic chemicals that coat the skin with chemicals to give the illusion that it is softer.  The reality is that these chemicals “lock-in” moisture which prevents the skin from breathing and emitting toxins and this interferes with its delicate equilibrium and often causes skin problems, as the skin struggles to re-balance.

In the coming months, we will be blogging and adding more information about the many chemicals that we won’t use and why, but for now we guarantee that we will never add any of the following to our products:

Water, SLS, Parabens, Petrochemicals, GM, Pthalates, BPA, Palm Oil, Animal Derivatives, Preservatives, Artificial Perfumes, Artificial Colours or any synthetic substances.