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I use these amazing organic, pure, cruelty free Vegan certified products because they really work!

They also smell divine too!

Victoria Eisermann
Founder of The K-9 Angels


I have sensitive skin and couldn't use aftershave because it stung, but using your Aftershave Balm helps to soften and smoothe my skin without any irritation at all and I love the smell! I'm Type 2 Diabetic and need to take care of my feet and I now use the Peppermint Foot Balm which deeply moisturises my feet and prevents peeling which is common with my condition. I've also started using the Chocolate Orange Lip Balm which I love. I've never been able to find products that work for any length of time on my excessively dry skin but every product I try of yours is fantastic because they are so deeply moisturising.

Paul Buckland


I purchased this amazing serum [Moisturising Serum for Oily & Combination Skin] and I'm so pleased with it. Usually I'm very careful about changing my face products as I have oily shin and fear a breakout. However I haven't had any negative reactions from this serum and it feels light and velvety on application and is quickly absorbed. It leaves my skin feeling balanced and fresh. I've also noticed a vast reduction in any shine even after applying make up. All this after just 4 days of using it! Thank You Earthzest and Thank You Leanne Perilly Make Up Artist for introducing me to Earthzest.

Elicia Wisdom

I have spent a number of years searching for a skincare range that suited my needs and I have finally found it in Earthzest Organics! I wanted products that were not tested on animals, were natural, were affordable, and worked! I use the Frankincense Anti-aging Balm, and the Feed Your Face cleanser and toner for hypersensitive skin, and love them all. They have really made a difference to my maturing skin, and I'm so pleased they popped up on my FB newsfeed one day

Teresa Hicks

I love the Frankincense Anti-Aging Balm. It's a great natural and cruelty free product that leaves my skin feeling and looking really good. So much so, I can't imagine using anything else now! Thoroughly recommend it!

Abigail Pain

They are fabulous products I use myself but importantly you have also built a brand around the ethics and values that are so important to you. We are proud to have Earthzest as a member of ORB and wish you continued success.

Jill Poet

Organisation for Responsible Business

Southend-on-Sea, Essex

Love your products, I've been using your skin care regime & it's amazing! No tingling sensation & as I have sensitive skin it's great as I have no flare ups :-)

[Kay uses our Anti-Aging Skincare Set]

Kay Howell

I am so happy with the balm. It is so good! I have only used it now a few days and can already feel a difference.

Julie Armitage

Really enjoying the bump oil, and letting my pregnant mamas know!

Keri Jarvis

I have been slathering on your frankincense balm and it definitely isn't my imagination, in just 1 week my skin has really improved and looks so much fresher. Thanks! XX

Angel Melodyhorn

I just wanted to say thanks. All 3 products are amazing; my sister has used the hair balm since we saw you at Hullbridge Fair in the summer and she loves it too.  I am a qualified beauty therapist, a qualified massage therapist and I have a hot stone qualification. You have a lovely company, beautiful products and I will promote you to the people I associate with. A lady I met on my Anatomy, Physiology and Body Massage course was a lady from London. She worked with cancer patents and we got talking about parabens and chemicals. We both agreed that these are very harmful and there’s a lack of education and products have changed so much over the years and the associated cancer link discussions.  I have been using products without parabens for years, yet none have been like yours. You have something really special and I wanted you to know that and if people really did know what they were putting on their skin, they would take it straight off. I know you’re doing a blog soon on your website about this and all the types of chemicals, which is amazing as people do not realise.

Melanie Cook

I've recently had to have a few cancerous bumps removed from my face as a result of my love of sun-worshipping when I was younger and it left me with some very dry scabs and patches of skin. I tried many different products to counteract this, but nothing worked until I used your Spice Balm for Men. I heard about Earthzest Organics in your article in Essex Life Magazine and I'm really glad I got in touch, as my skin has greatly improved and I'm very pleased.

Brian George

(age 83)

The products arrived! I honestly love them so much, only two days and skin feels super soft and nourished. I don't have skin problems at all but it seems much softer and plumper. Can't believe it's been two days only x

Pola Pospieszalska

My skin is a combination of dry, oily and very sensitive. I have never tried before a product that would make it feel so smooth and without dryness. I have tried the powerful combination of face cleanser, face toner and baby soft balm as recommended by Jackie. The results came within 7 days. Fantastic, gentle and great customer care!

Adriana Kosovska

Just thought I would let you know I used my argan and coconut hair balm for the first time last night and my hair is definitely softer and was much easier to brush :-) I love it!

Gemma Callow

When I first tried the hand and body scrub I was amazed at how soft my skin felt! I spent about 15 minutes in the bath, rubbing it in to my feet - they smelt so good! It's definitely the nicest product I have in my room. I have to keep it in my room as if I leave it in the bathroom, my house-mates use it and I save it for special occassions. It's also great to use before fake tan to remove all the dead skin!!! I love it, in fact I am going to use it tonight.

Rosie Pearson

I use Earthzest products daily. Lovely skin. Love that it's vegan. Love that it's local.

Dawn Lister

Dawn Lister Therapy Centre


As you can see from the photos of my right heel (before and after), I had a painful and very deep split. I applied Earthzest Organics Shea and Peppermint Foot Balm to my affected foot nightly for 6 nights and the split was healed.

I would highly recommend Earthzest Organics and Shea & Peppermint Foot Balm in particular, as is has worked wonders on my feet!

Bernie Bently


I can recommend Earthzest Organics; these products have transformed my skin in just a few weeks. Thank you!

Jane Kirk

I love the new Rose Water smells so lovely. Such good products!

Hayley Anne Saffel

I have been suffering from a skin disorder called Hidradenitis Suppurativa for over 35 years. I've seen beauticians, doctors, dermatoligists and was even refered to a specialist plastic surgeon and underwent some very painful surgical proceedures to help with my skin condition and the scarring it causes. I've tried every off-the-shelf skin care product out there, from top name brands to store brands - none have helped. No amount of professional beauty treatments, medications or surgical procedures have been able to remedy my condition, or at least help me to get it under control. None have helped minimise the scarring. I can't begin to tell you how distressing having blind and bleeding boils on my face and neck is, or the scarring it leaves behind - let alone being stared at in the street when the flare-ups are particularly bad, as people have a tendency to presume I suffer from acne and I am not looking after my skin properly. I've been using Earthzest Organics' Feed Your Face Cleanser, Toner and Moisturing Serum daily for almost 6-months and have noticed a marked improvement in my skin; the scarring is minimising and slowly vanishing and while I still get the flare-ups (as there is no known cure for my condition), my skin is in the best condition it has been for most of my adult life. The Earthzest Organics Feed Your Face skin care products are the most effective products I have used to date and I would highly recomend them to anyone who sufferes from skin disorders - I'm just so pleased the scars on my face are slowly vanishing. My skin is soft and radiant... I'm really happy that I don't need any more painful plastic surgery to deal with the scarring on my face!!

Katherine Millar

I LOVE Earthzest Organics and I have got on well with the Eye Make-Up Remover. In the past, oils have left my eyes smeary, but this was fine. I treated myself to 6 items. The smell of it all is dreamy and the great thing is, it's not so strong that it gets irritating. I will be ordering more.

Lynne Roue

The Rescue Balm is an amazing consistency that warms up quickly and glides onto the skin and it left my skin feeling moisturised and hydrated but with no residue at all. My make-up went on lovely and people have commented how well my skin looks.

I would highly recommend that you try this product. I am converted and I used to pay over £80 for my previous moisturiser. Now I get amazing results at a fraction of what my previous moisturiser cost!

Jacqui Beasley

I have been using your Frankincense Balm on my hands, face and body as I was suffering from eczema and am thrilled to see a miraculous improvement to the point where it is not noticeable at all!!! It has left my skin super soft and I find the smell very comforting and use it also when I travel as I am prone to travel sickness. I am now enjoying trying your other products and thank you so much!

Ella Hannington

(age 14)

Having used your cleanser/toner/moisturiser in the mature skin range, I would like to say thank you for plumping and smoothing my complexion at age nearly 50! They are such luxurious products that make me feel really special and I look forward to taking my makeup off every evening now, as I immediately feel I am transported to a luxury spa. My fiancé is also converted and loves the Spice Balm – as well as all my products!

Jo Hannington

Since using the Rescue Balm on my hands I’ve noticed a distinct improvement after almost a month or more of having an undiagnosed skin complaint that seemed to be spreading. My GP had prescribed hydrocortisone, canesten and fucibet, but since using the balm the inflammation has reduced quite significantly. I’m really pleased with it and although I know its not anti-fungal, I believe the properties it contains are doing my skin much more good than the prescribed treatment from my GP.

[Jacqui has extremely sensitive skin and the photo on the left was taken a day after she'd had a facial using a well-known "natural" and "organic" brand.]

Jacqui Dickson


I’ve been using your Rescue Balm for a few weeks and it’s been really good for my face. I had red, spotty, dry eczema and it’s reduced it considerably. I would like another jar please!

Lesley Cragg

I’ve been suffering from extremely dry, chapped lips more or less my whole life - for at least 40 years. I tried all kinds of diets and all kinds of potions but NOTHING worked. To cut a long story short, Earth Zest recommended I try their Chocolate Orange Lip Balm and I have discovered the amazing natural healing properties of the ingredients, such as organic orange oil and jojoba oil. I rubbed the balm on to my lips once a day and started to notice a difference after about a week. By the end of one month, my lips had completely healed and have stayed healed many months later. This has NEVER happened to me before - even with the few balms and moisturisers where my lips initially showed signs of improvement, I had to constantly re-apply and they never truly healed my lips. I feel this is because the other products I was using were never truly “natural”, whereas Earth Zest’s products are! So, if anyone out there is suffering like I was, give this wonderful product a go. You won’t regret it!

Cathy Green

LOVE your Frankincense Anti-Aging Balm...lovely smell and already loving how it is making my skin softer already....and I only just started using it! Great stuff - I highly recommend!

Lesley Cragg

I have been using the 3-in-1 Eye Makeup Remover for a few months and there is nothing like it for removing mascara. I’ve also noticed that the condition of my eyelashes has improved which is a bonus. Highly recommend this product!

Sarah Shippin

I love these products and would like to buy them all the time, circumstances allowing. Of all the makes I have tried and there’s been a few, believe me, this is chemical-free heaven! Thank you.

Susan Scott

Just wanted to tell you that the Well Balanced Raw Moisturiser is brilliant! I was a bit apprehensive when it was just an oil but after a couple of days use with drops of the floral water, its fab and not greasy at all on my skin! :o )

Kiran Solfeggio Shah

Your Baby Soft Balm is really good, I love it! It has made the sore bits on my hands disappear and I put it on my feet over night and it makes them softer too! Thank you

Carley Dowman

Stunnning and blissful products at affordable prices. Highly recommend folks! Treat your skin to some heavenly TLC.

Jo Tiller

The toner makes your face feel lovely in the morning.

Sandra Wiseman

I was given the all over Peppermint Foot Cream for Christmas. I have sore feet alot, being in a walking job. I used the body butter on my feet and it made them soft and the pain disappeared really quickly. This is the best cream I have ever used. I love it.

Sharon Davies

After using it for a couple of weeks my skin on face and neck feel amazing. Really soft and with warmer weather the balm is easy to apply too which is a bonus. I have/had good skin anyway but got complimented by two people how good my skin is and I def feel it's well moisturised and doesn't feel dry or tight as it may have felt before if I forgot to use a cream for night time. I had a few hormonal spots whichappear monthly and since using your cream these have reduced too. All in all I recommend it to everyone and will continue using it. Regarding the allergy fear I had, I have had no side effect so I'm one happy customer!

Petra Blacklock

Thank you so much, I loved the product. And one of my followers commented and said that she'd go and look at your site and make a purchase so congrats on the amazing product! Keep it up.

Emily Wells

HeyEmi Beauty Blog

(reviewing our Rescue Balm for Ultra-Sensitive Skin)

I received the Rescue Balm face cream for Christmas. It melts on my hands and is the best face cream I have ever used. I am allergic to a lot of creams these days but this cream is fantastic, my skin goes so soft and stays soft all day long. Thank you..

Jeanne Davies

Had my bits delivered from Earthzest Organics today and just used their face mask and frankincense anti ageing balm , well recommended, it is lush! And if you order now they give 15% to K9 Angels! [To do this, just quote ANGELS at checkout]

Sharon Roberts

I'm honestly really impressed with the range. I'm getting really positive results and I actually enjoy my cleansing regime cos it smells so lovely (previously very bad at leaving make up on and going to bed! Naughty I know!!).

Lisa Stevens

Lisa Stevens