Who We Are

My name is Jackie Callow and I'm the founder of Earthzest Organics, which is a small, family-and-friends run business based in Southend-on-Sea in Essex.

Although Earthzest has only been trading for 3 years, I have spent many years researching and trialling my products behind the scenes, to ensure that all my ingredients and skincare products are as pure and effective as they can possibly be.

I have always suffered from sensitive skin and during my early 40’s, it became so bad that I was unable to use any products (even the so-called natural and organic ones) without developing an allergic reaction, either immediately or within a few days of use. In desperation, I started researching why this might be and was shocked to discover that conventional products often contain a myriad of harsh, synthetic chemicals that are known to cause skin allergies and health problems. The skincare industry claims that they only use them in small quantities and they are therefore harmless. However, bearing in mind that these chemicals are present in multiple products that we typically use on a daily basis and that our skin absorbs everything that we put on to it, I believe that over time they build up in the body, disrupt the skin’s natural balance and lead to premature aging and sensitive skin conditions, including eczema and dermatitis.

Why is Earthzest different?

Earthzest Organics began as a hobby as I set out to create safe, affordable skincare products for myself that were 100% organic and genuinely cruelty-free. I can honestly say that my skin problems ceased as soon as I started using these high quality, organic and natural ingredients and over the past 5 years, I’ve been creating and experimenting with further ingredients and ideas and formulating an extensive range which has resulted in overwhelmingly positive feedback from all my human Guinea Pigs! In August 2013, I realised that my personal interest in holistic, organic skincare was something that many other people also shared and were enthusiastic about, and this became the roots and foundations of Earthzest Organics which I set up in February 2014, after giving up my career in London and taking voluntary redundancy to turn my dream in to a reality.

My vision is to provide a complete range of affordable, totally organic and natural skincare products for people from all walks of life, which are chemical-free and eminently suitable for people with sensitive skin. My new Mother & Baby range gives a 100% Organic alternative to conventional products which are typically full of petrochemicals and other synthetics which I believe have no place on our babies' delicate skin. 

I am also passionate about animal welfare and deeply opposed to animal testing which the UK Government has recently opened up again. I am proud to say that my entire range has now been certified by The Vegan Society and I am working closely with Victoria Eisermann's K-9 Angels to help abandoned and abused dogs in Romania and as the company grows, I will be doing more and more to support the wonderful work that they do.

I genuinely believe that Earthzest has something very special and unique to offer, that will appeal to anyone wanting to improve their skin and protect the skin of their children.  My products give visible, long-lasting results for a fraction of the price of other so-called luxury and organic brands, which are predominantly water, synthetics, expensive advertising and very little else!

If you would like to find out more or are interested in partnering with my brand, I’d love to hear from you!

Phone: 01702 351 240

Email: enquiries@earthzest.co.uk